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Rifle Shoppe Reproductions

The Rifle Shoppe was formed to produce exact replacement parts for a variety of antique weapons. These parts where cast are taken from excellent condition originals using very high wax injection pressures and hard tooling moulds. However due to a Government Compulsory Purchase Order, TRS have been moving their premises and currently, we are not able to place any new orders with them.

Stock and barrel patterns when available, are the finest and most correct for each weapon correct for each weapon produced.







When production recommences many weapons can be produced either in kit form or fully assembled with superb functioning and hardened locks.











We are awaiting the new fully illustrated catalogue showing the amazing range of weapons, parts and components available from The Rifle Shoppe. The current catalogue is out of date.

Some years ago we compiled, a heavily abbreviated edition with details and prices of a selection of English Military weapons that were available.  Please be aware the prices quoted are no longer applicable. Click the button to download the PDF version.

Please contact us for more information.










Prices quo

We are very pleased to be able to offer the entire range of the Rifle Shoppe's weapons and components, acting as their United Kingdom agent in the near future.

Contents of Main Catalogue

Hand Gonnes
Scottish Weapons
Snaphaunce Weapons
English Lock Weapons
Hand Mortars
English Arms
English Pistols
English Fowlers & Locks
English Blunderbusses
English Locks
French Arms
French Percussion Arms
French Carbines
French Pistols
French Fowlers
French Locks

Socket Bayonets
Wheelock Spanners
Miscellaneous Parts
Prints & Drawings
Single Shot Parts
Actual Size Cocks
Actual Size Frizzens
Actual Size Frizzen Springs
Actual Size Side Plates
Actual Size Thumb Pieces
Actual Size Entry Thimbles

German Arms
German Pistols
German Jagers (Fancy)
German Locks & Hardware
Austrian Arms
Dutch Arms
Dutch Pistols
Dutch Locks & Hardware
Spanish Arms
Spanish Fowlers
Spanish Pistols
Spanish Locks & Hardware
Italian Locks & Hardware
U.S. Arms
Virginia Manufactory Rifles
U.S. Pistols
U.S. Locks & Hardware
Russian Arms
Danish Norwegian Arms
Danish Norwegian Pistols
Swedish Arms
Knifes & Swords
Plug Bayonets


gallery/rifleman copy
gallery/long gun
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