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Pistols and Revolvers

We usually have a good selection of pistols and revolvers ranging from flintlock to centre fire. These would include pistols suitable for possession under Section 7(1) & 7(3) including those in obsolete calibres under Section 58(2).

If you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us as we attend all the major auctions and sales within the UK and also acquire internationally.

Staudenmayer Pair of Flintlock Pistols

A fine pair of flintlock 38br single barrelled carriage pistols by Staudenmayer. These pistols although obviously made as a pair and are identical except for one interesting feature... the lock for one pistol is engraved Staudenmayer and the other Ja Wilkinson. I can only imagine that the pistols were made by Staudenmayer and the owner lost the lock to one of them and for some unaccountable reason he had Wilkinson make up a replacement.

Both pistols have very crisp locks, gold touch holes, roller steels and half cock bolts. Breeches are engraved London. Engraved iron furniture, browned 6&1/2” barrels, breeches with traces of colour case hardening, and both original ramrods, one with its worm.

PRICE: £3450

A Cased Pair of early 19th Century Flintlock Officers Pistols

A fine pair of early 19th Century Officers Flintlock Holster Pistols, in their superb mahogany case with many accessories.Overall length of each pistol is 14”.The browned 9", round, twist steel barrels, with the flat top, signed "London" have a single platinum line at the breech and platinum touch hole.

The smooth bores are in excellent condition and the muzzles are fitted with a dovetailed foresight. The finely engraved tang has a fixed rear sight.The engraved lock plates are engraved “Avery & Co", and have working safety catches.The swan necked cocks are engraved, and the operation of the locks and steels is very crisp. Rollers are fitted to the steel springs. The pans are of the typical raised “waterproof” type and show no signs of corrosion.The full length walnut stocks are fitted with horn caps and are in excellent condition, with perfect chequering to the hands. The barrels are fitted with captive ramrods.

The engraved trigger guards have lost their colour due to handling but the pistols show little signs of past use. Overall Length is 14".The case and accessories are also in fine condition, the only exception being the trade label which is damaged.

There follows a brief description of Mr Avery’s activities during the latter part of the 18th C and fist part of the 19th C. We know that he was a retailer and not a maker of pistols although many similar firearms of this period are found with his name on the locks. Maybe he made the locks for these pistols which were then completed by Bond. Avery & Co London worked in No. 63 New Bond Street at the "Gun and Pistol Depot", where, among other makers, sold pistols supplied by John Manton & Son, also Joseph Manton, Purdey, Thomas Manton & Co, Nock, and Mortimer. He worked eventually on his own, as a Silver Smith & Jeweller at 53 New Bond Street from 1827 -34. He continued to sell guns bearing his name from 53 New Bond Street, supplied by James Purdy, and other makers.The label within the lid, now half missing, has been researched, and is of Edward Bond, Lombard Street, who was succeeded by Philip Bond.


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Hills Patent .320 Revolver

An excellent Hills Patent revolver in .320” cal (obsolete) cased in its oak box.

The revolver retains virtually all its original blue finish, is mechanically perfect and has an excellent bore and deep rifling. Unmarked finely chequered grips. Trigger, hammer and opening catch retain their high polish bright finish. A very good oak box that lacks its key hole escutcheon but key is present. Barrel engraved “HILL’S PATENT SELF EXTRACTOR” Birmingham Proofs.


6mm Cased Saloon Pistol

A splendid 6 mm Saloon pistol chambered for the Flobert Cap in excellent condition with fluted barrel, spur trigger guard, single set trigger and fluted grip. Micro groove rifled barrel. This is a high quality Continental pistol in Oak close fitted case.

PRICE: £485

Colt London Navy .36 Percussion Revolver

A very good London Navy made in 1855 serial number range [1-42000]. This example #31604... C1855 with a standard 7 1/2″ octagonal barrel. Very good Colt London address stamped to the top flat. London Proof marks to left side of barrel lug and cylinder, Colt Patent to frame. All serial numbers match, with the Colts patent and serial number to the cylinder. Good cylinder scene. This pistol has seen very little actual use and retains the little pins between the nipples seldom found in this condition. Excellent mechanical condition with no play to cylinder. Very little original finish remains however there is no pitting or rubbing to the external surfaces.  The bore and rifling are very good and bright with no wear to the rifling. Some slight rubbing to the varnish of the otherwise very good walnut grip.