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32 Bore Percussion Double Rifle by Beckwith

A very good over and under double barrelled percussion rifle by W A Beckwith. The hexagonal re-browned twist steel barrels rifled with four grooves similar to Jacob’s rifling making half a turn in the 30” barrels. Fitted with a fine blade foresight. One standing and three folding rear sights graduated from 100 to 300yds. Makers London address clearly engraved to top of barrel.

Well engraved locks, hammers and extended tang. Crisp lock operation. Walnut stock fitted with a small patch box having an engraved steel lid within a decorative German silver frame. Stock well chequered at hand. Engraved German silver trigger guard, silver oval. Good reproduction ramrod.

Very well pronounced four groove rifling showing no wear with slight uniformly matt appearance rifling.

PRICE: £2500

Miller Conversion of a Parker Snow Rifled Musketoon

A rare post US Civil War conversion of the muzzle loading Parker Snow .58” rifle to breech loading in .58 rim fire.

The conversion was designed and patented by William H and George W Miller. Only some 2000 conversions were carried out and these were on the 1861 rifled musket, three band 39” barrel. This example is even more rare being a two band 31”barrelled Musketoon.

The 31” barrel is rifled with three grooves and would appear be unfired and is fitted with the Miller breech loading conversion. The breech block is released by lifting the catch at the rear of the block and tilting it forward thus operating the spring loaded extractor. The usual marks are present to the butt plate and barrel bands. The lock is crisp in its operation and has only the full cock bent. The lock must be set to full cock prior to opening the breech. There is no half cock provision for this lock. Both sling swivels are present. One of the lock screws is missing.

All markings are crisp and clear. Rear sight has the usual one standing and folding sights for 300 and 500 yds. The stock does show general abrasions and some losses especially to the right hand side towards the muzzle. Replacement clearing rod.

PRICE: £950

WW Greener .577 Volunteer Pat 58 Rifle

A well refinished 5 groove volunteer .577 Short Rifle, “Bar on Band” by WW Greener complete with its sling and sling swivels.

The five groove rifled barrel has a mirror bright bore with perfect rifling. Colour case hardened lock.


John Parker Flintlock Target Rifle

A very good 22br flintlock target rifle by John Parker Snr dated 1810 in gold inlay to top flat of the octagonal 32”barrel. Muzzle grooved for sight protector / sun shade.

Rifled with seven grooves making approx half a turn in the length of the barrel and having two gold lines at the breech. One standing and four folding leaf sights, small blade foresight and the base for an aperture rear sight. (a correct adjustable aperture sight is available.)

Fully detented lock with gold lined pan and roller steel, with an excellent let off; Engraved tang and trigger guard; Half stocked with chequered wrist and fore end, white metal escutcheons to barrel wedges and fore end tip.

The lock operation is very crisp and the bore and rifling very good. Barrel appears to have been re-browned sometime in the past. Trigger guard and butt plate have no finish remaining and show light pitting. Minor dings to stock, original steel ramrod.

PRICE: £4850

Thomas Turner .451 Military Match Rifle

A good .451 military match rifle by Thomas Turner with a 36” barrel rifled with 5 grooves.  Ladder rear sight and bead foresight set into dovetail.  Barrel stamped at breech end “Turners Patent”. Crisp operating lock, the plate engraved “Thomas Turner   8 Fisher Street   Birmingham”. Chequered walnut full stock with steel furniture and eyes for sling swivels. Brass tipped ramrod.

The bore is bright and rifling sharp showing no signs of corrosion. The chequering has flattened and the stock has no large dings. Steel buttplate. No finish remains to the barrel or the furniture. The finish to lock and hammer is now a faded dark patina. Sights are crisp and graduations clear.

A chance to buy one of these sought after target rifles at a very reasonable price.

PRICE: £1100