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Long Guns continued (page 3)

Rhoda .45 Express Double Rifle

A very good Rodda side lock ejector double rifle in .450 Express. The rifle has mint bores and has been well refinished. It is clearly a W&C Scott rifle and features Indicator’ locks with gilt tumblers visible through the transparent windows in the lock-plates.

A splendid rifle that if shot should perform very well.


PRICE: £7500

WW Greener .310 Cadet Martini Take Down Rifle

A good take down half stocked .310 Cadet WW Greener .310 Cadet Martini rifle with 25”  heavy weight round barrel fitted with bead foresight and block mounted rear sight comprising one fixed platinum lined for 50yds and folding ditto for 100yrs, 200yds and 300yds. Barrel marked W.W.Greener, 68 Haymarket, London. And .310 CF Ammun, n. On the underside also marked with Greener’s Elephant Trade Mark and the serial number. Black powder proofed.

Well figured and chequered stock and fore end and steel butt plate, horn fore end cap. The action finely foliate engraved to borders and central panel and with take down lever to left side and serial number to trigger guard. The bright bore shows well defined rifling with some wear and corrosion at the throat and a couple of small areas of light pitting. The barrel and action retain their original blued finish that has gone to a dark patina, lighter on the action.



WW Greener .297/250 Martini Take Down Rifle

An excellent take down half stocked Martini rifle by WW Greener in .297/250 with a twenty four and a half inch round barrel fitted with a block mounted bead foresight and dovetailed rear sight comprising a standing sight for 50yds and two folding for 100yds and 150yds. Barrel marked WW GREENER MAKER BIRMINGHAM, Ammunition 297/250, the serial number, black and nitro proofs.

Attractive straight grained walnut stock and fore end free of any imperfections, steel butt plate. Plain Martini action engraved as for the maker on the barrel. Excellent rifling and bore. The barrel, action and trigger guard retain all their original blued finish. The lever and retaining plate show signs of faded colour case hardening.

An absolutely perfect little rifle in all respects.



Springfield .30/06 O3-A3 Military Rifle

An excellent Springfield bolt action rifle in virtually unissued condition, including its sling.



Custom built .25/06 Rifle on Ruger No1 Action

A beautiful custom built rifle with engraved action. Highly figured Walnut stock and forend complete with Redfield variable telescopic sight. The rifle is as new, some scratching to scope.