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Long Guns Continued (page 2)

Anschutz .222 Sporting Rifle c/w Variable Scopesight

An excellent .222 Anschutz bolt action rifle fitted with a Tasco variable telescopic sight. This rifle dates back to the 1970s and was used by the captain of the Norwegian Moving Target Team and has a ported barrel. Having said this, the rifle shows little signs of use apart from minor blemishes to the finish to the stock.



Ruger .243 M77 Sporting Rifle

An excellent .243 Ruger bolt action sporting rifle. This rifle was purchased some 15 years ago for the owner’s wife and has hardly been used.


PRICE: £250

Winchester '73 Rifle

An excellent Winchester ‘73 round barrel rifle in .44WCF calibre retaining most finish and with a superb bore and rifling. The rifle has a plated forend cap and butt plate and dark walnut stock and forend. Manufactured 1886.


Marlin 1892 in .320 CF/RF (Obsolete Calibre) Rifle

A very good Marlin lever action full magazine 1892 Model rifle in .32 RF with interchangeable striker for .32 CF (Not .32WCF).

Octagonal barrel 24” with Marlin Address/ Patent dates, adjustable buckhorn rear sight with stepped elevator and white metal long blade foresight incorporating a fine bead. Tang marked “Marlin Model 92”. Unblemished American walnut stock, some minor dings to fore end, blued receiver, crescent butt plate. Good tight action and excellent bore and rifling.

The rifle retains virtually all its faded original finish to barrel, magazine tube and action.

PRICE: On Hold


French Infantry Rifle

A rare example of France’s first attempt to arm their Voiltigeurs with a rifle in 1793.

This rifle is in very good condition and is one of the first models, has a 25&1/2”octagonal barrel rifled with seven deep grooves making about three quarters of a turn in the length of the barrel. The original sighting grooves that were not very successful are retained and a better conventional fore and rear sight has been fitted. The operation of the lock and steel is excellent and there is no damage to the stock. The rifle is fitted with its original sling swivels and an old sling. A slight alteration has been carried out to the forestock near the muzzle to facilitate ramrod removal.

The lock is stamped Manuf. De Versailles and the breech bears the stamp we are told of the armourer working for Boutet.


PRICE: £3500