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Antique Lantaka Swivel Gun


A rare and unusual bronze Lantaka swivel gun, 18th Century probably from Malay and used as a defensive weapon against pirate ships. The gun is 26 inches long, has 3 inch flared muzzle and 1 inch bore, with much decoration to the casting.

There is a small hole about 8 inches from the muzzle which does go through to the bore, hence the very competitive price of £485. I do not wish to interfere with the authenticity of the gun but am prepared to have this small hole professionally filled at cost.

PRICE: £485

Flintlock by John Edwards


A fine quality and condition flint lock of about 1770 most probably by the London maker John Edwards. The stepped bevel edged lock plate is engraved I W Edwards with foliate decoration and pointed tail. Swan neck cock with forward facing tail, semi rainproof pan, roller steel, beautiful pierced bridle. Sliding half cock stop that locks the steel.

All in pristine condition. The top jaw screw has been replaced.

The lockplate, steel and cock retain all their original colour.

A superb piece for the collector or for someone wishing to make up a flintlock rifle or sporting gun.